Seeing the value in what we do…

How do you define the value in what appears to be the small things in life? The day to day tasks that don’t seem to feel like they are taking you anywhere or have any real long term significance? I mean really, how much value does washing clothes, vacuuming floors and making beds really have?

Well that depends entirely on how much value you are willing to place on things. Do you value the importance of making sure that everyone’s clothes are clean so that people in your family can go to work and earn the money that pays for the clothes you wear and the food you eat. Do you value the importance of keeping the house clean so your children can learn the importance of taking care of their things and being able to find them when they want them, or being able to wear clean clothes to school so they can learn the foundations for life?

Are you like me and tend to see the importance of what everyone around you is doing but fail to value your own importance. Do you struggle with self-worth? Are you afraid to say that you are the person who has been entrusted with maintaining the home you live in and ensuring that the lives of those who live in your home run as smoothly as possible?

If you had to put a price on your “job”, would you take into consideration that each role you play is one that a lot of people outsource. You can hire a cleaner, a cook or get meals delivered; you can hire a babysitter or put your child in care and many other things. Just because you are not receiving a pay check for it does not mean it is any less important.

In fact it is almost more important as you choose to do it as a service, a service that is born out of love and sacrifice. You choose to be the one who is there to tend to your children, to ensure their clothes are clean and that they are brought up in a loving environment, you make sure that you are cooking nutritious homemade meals.

This doesn’t mean that you are any less important because you work inside the home. This also doesn’t mean that those who work outside the home are any less important or that their jobs are any less valued. As everyone’s role in life is valuable, without each and every person doing what they have been called to do, life would not function as we know it.

Life is precious and so many things are here for such a short time, children grow and don’t need us like they once did. Jobs change, needs change, wants change. Each season brings is own unique challenges and it is our job to do the very best we can with each circumstance we are given. Some will be easy and fun, others will be challenging and we won’t always see the benefit or reap the reward straight away, but they are important seasons none the less.

What is important in your season?

Right now my season is filled with three little cherubs, who bring new challenges each day, a loving husband, study aspirations and goals and making sure that we are all spending quality time fulfilling each other’s needs, to ensure our little family runs smoothly!