The best of you…

Who gets the best of you? Who gets the best of your time, talents and emotions? Do you have to make time for your needs, dreams, passions and life goals? Do you spend your days focusing on everyone else’s needs and wants that by the time you get to yours you are so depleted of resources that you can barely focus on the task at hand let alone anything inspirational? Do you dream of spending hours focusing solely on purpose and God given talents?

I’m not saying that spending time with others and doing things for others is wrong by any means. I believe we are meant to use our talents to the glory of God and for the benefit of ourselves and others. But how can you truly benefit others if you don’t have the time to shape and mould the person you are meant to be?

I am busy. You are busy. We are all busy people. My focus is currently inside the home with three small children, so I am a wife, a mother, a cook and cleaner, and many more things. I am also studying part time to further my career once my babes are old enough.

But I want more.

More for myself and more for others.

I want to inspire people to reach their full potential. But first I need to work on reaching my potential.

I could wait until my children are older, but then there would be other reasons to put aside my dreams. So I have decided that to be the best ‘me’ I can be for my family I need to spend some time each day putting my needs first. As little by little, day by day if I keep working on my goals I will be able to look back in time and know that I have moved closer to them and may have even reached a few of them.

Will you join me in spending a few minutes a day actively pursuing your goals, the ones that maybe you have hidden deep within your being as they may feel impossible to reach right now. If we focus on breaking down our life changing goals into smaller more manageable pieces they won’t seem as impossible.

Are you willing to sacrifice a bit now to reach your goals? Even fifteen minutes a day will make a difference towards reaching your true potential.