Why do we often spend our days caught up in other people’s lives, be it Facebook, Instagram, twitter, pinterest or the like. What makes everyone else’s life seem so exciting and so much more interesting than our own.

Daydreaming isn’t a bad thing, taking time out can actually be refreshing and inspiring, but when we spend more time daydreaming and thinking about the if only’s, or caught up in other peoples lives, then it can become a drain on our motivation.

For me I often escape into other people’s lives when I’m not truly content with my own. Not to say I have a bad life as I don’t, I have a loving husband and three beautiful children. What more could I want?

Honestly there is lots more that I could and do want, I don’t necessarily want fame and fortune, although a little more money is always nice. There are things I want for me, just for me, outside of being a wife, a mother, a housekeeper and so on. I have dreams and goals that I would love to achieve, often I think I have too many dreams and goals that seem to take me in opposite directions. Almost as if I want it all but don’t know where to start.

I have made a start, but how do you find the motivation to keep going when it gets hard, when it gets tough, when the kids keep you up or drain all your energy. How do you justify time away from them to build your dreams and goals that may not even happen. What if you spend all this time working on something to have it fall flat in your face.

These are some of the issues I struggle with. Time management and organisation skills are not my strengths. I think some of it is I spend to much time researching other peoples blogs and watching other people succeed that I forget to spend the time that I need to investing in my dreams and goals.

How do you define success? I think it is different for everyone. For me success is achieving the goals I have made, which requires lots of hard work and determination.