What’s new….

What’s new? What’s been going on?

Those two questions make me squirm…why you may ask?

As a mother of three small children, who doesn’t work outside the home, I find that question quite daunting. As nothing seems new. My life is so consumed in the needs of my little people that I often don’t feel like I have anything to contribute. I am so caught up in the little things in my life, making sure my kids eat, get dressed, get to school/kindy on time, do the housework, do the washing, re-do the housework once the kids get home and make an inevitable mess.

While I know there are new things happening in my life that relate to my children each day, when asked the question ‘what’s new?’ I always end up saying ‘not much’ and the conversation seems to end there. Why does raising little people seem to be so isolating at times? It often feels like everyone else’s life is moving on and I’m going round in circles trying to get my children’s needs met.

I know raising children is not a task to be taken lightly and it is definitely a privilege, but why does it sometimes feel mundane. Why does it sometimes feel that it leaves us with nothing to contribute to a conversation that doesn’t revolve around children and what they are now doing?

I guess the important thing to remember is this is a season of my life, a very busy one at that, where my three little people do take up most of my waking energy and that’s okay, as they need me to be a constant in their lives right now. If this leaves me with nothing to contribute to a conversation other than what’s new in my kids lives, that’s okay as that is also whats new in this stage of my life right now too.

It is important to see the seasons of my life for what they are and that is exactly that, just seasons. Some seasons are longer than others, some seem longer than others, but they are all seasons that often end as quickly as they come. Parenting small children may seem like a very long and drawn out season when in the middle of it, but when we look back we will realise just how short this season of life is.

My eldest child is 5 and half way through is first year of school and I am still wondering what happened to my little baby and and he is proudly telling me that he is only two terms away from being in grade one…they grow up so quickly.

Take the time to cherish them, lay with them just five more minutes as they drift of too sleep, as there will come a day when they no longer want mummy or daddy to lay with them as they drift of to sleep. See the funny side of some of the things they do, accidents happen, don’t get mad, don’t make them feel bad as they are only new to this journey of life long learning. Make the most of each and everyday.