What does love mean to you?

What does love mean to you?

Love. What is it? Love can be defined as a strong feeling or affection.

Some people love cars and sports, others love shopping and eating out and all the fun things in life.

But what is true deep love?

Most of us love spending time with family and friends.

For some love means sacrificing the pleasant things we have become accustomed to in order to show love to those less fortunate.

This is the type of love that has been displayed in this song…

Kenzie’s Song


(Please click the link to go to iTunes to hear a preview of this song)

The creative mind behind this song has been a friend of mine for many years now. She has always had a heart for others and it is an inspiration to see her achieving some of her dreams.

Below is an excerpt from her post Facebook page “Love Wins” about the inspiration for this song and her cause.

“This song was inspired by two amazing women who have greatly impacted my life… I lived with Kenzie and her mum Ginger a couple of years ago for a short time and they truly live lives of outrageous love and kindness… I watched as Kenzie sacrificed a “normal” life in pursuit of loving a little baby boy who needed a family. What impacted me the most though, was that to her, it was no cost at all… I hope that this song inspires others to love well and to stop for the broken. All profit from this song will go directly into the “Love Project – Building a Playground” for 70+ orphans in Trichy, India.”

Please take the time to check out her song on iTunes and also like her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Love-Wins/1628920090709207?fref=ts to stay up to date with her upcoming adventures.

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