Time Sucks

I often feel bombarded by the countless things that demand my attention! I am often so caught up in the unnecessary clutter of life! So today while my babe slept I took some time out from my busy life to ‘stop and smell the roses’, well kind of, I couldn’t find any roses however I did spend some time sitting back and gazing up at the clouds! It was such a refreshing and relaxing escape! 

Time is such a precious commodity and one that we can never get back! Once it’s gone it’s gone forever! 

How we spend our time is just as important in the immediate moment as it is in the long run as what we do now will shape what we do in the future! 

It’s important to take time out, to refocus and to make sure that in our busy lives we are working towards the important things we want to achieve and not just getting caught up in the busyness of our day to day lives. 

Take some time out today to stop and just be still and then think of a few things that you can be great fun for.