I am worth it…

I AM WORTH IT….These four little words seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment, in the books and blogs that I have been reading and even in some of the sermons I have been listening to.

They may be four small words but they pack a powerful punch.

I AM WORTH IT….I am worth what? What is the ‘it’ that I am worth?

I am worth pursuing, I am worth cheering on in whatever I am doing, I am worth taking an interest in.

I AM WORTH IT….I need to first and foremost believe in myself that I am worthy, that my needs and dreams are worthy. That taking some time out to discover me is a worthy task.

Sometimes we have to leave the clutter behind, forgo some of the household chores and spend sometime focusing on ‘me’ on what makes me tick, on what makes me happy, on what makes me sad, on what makes me jump for joy.

There will always be things to do, our to-do lists are never ending and that’s before we take into account the time we spend daydreaming on things like Facebook, Pinterest. Twitter and whatever else there maybe. We all have the same number of hours in the day, it is just that we need to refocus what makes us feel worthy and pursue it wholeheartedly. Now I’m not saying that we should neglect our responsibilities, but that we need to make time for our passions as well as our responsibilities.

Sometimes our passions may turn into something great that will impact lots of people and that is awesome and more often that not pursuing our passions will be just for us and will refill us to be able to be the best ME that we can be and that is is what being worth it is.