Reflection….Is it just something you see in the mirror or is it something that goes far deeper than that?

“As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man” – Proverbs 27:19.

What reflection do I see? What reflection do I want to see? Do those two reflections see each other in the mirror of life or are they way off?

I know what I want my life to reflect! I want it to reflect a pure heart, a loving and caring soul. A life totally devoted to Jesus and to His calling for my life.

I know if I were to look into the mirror of life right now, my current reflection would not be all that I want it to be. I know deep down that life is a work in progress. My reflection on this side of Heaven will never meet perfection however it doesn’t mean that I should give up and stop striving for perfection.

Our hearts are so fragile and so easily damaged. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day living that we forget to stop and check our reflection. To stop and make sure our lives are reflecting our hearts true desires.

I know for a long time I have been fearful of my reflection as I know it has been a reminder of things not yet achieved, dreams that have been put on the shelf, failed goals and lots more.

But when I dug a little deeper into my reflection and my journals of the past I realised that I was only seeing so much of the negative in my reflection that I wasn’t looking deep enough to see the whole picture. To see that I have achieved so much, that I have seen many dreams come true and many goals have been achieved.

What reflection are you seeing in the mirror? What does your heart reflect?

“As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man” – Proverbs 27:19.