Can I have your iPad? 

“Can I have your iPad mum? Is a question I hear almost every morning without fail from my son. Now my daughter is waking up saying “iPad, please?”

While there is nothing wrong with using an iPad and there are lots of educational apps available.

For me and my family it has become a bit of a bad habit. Our children are watching us wake up and reach straight for our phones so is it any wonder the first thing they say, sometimes even before saying good morning is, “iPad”.

So naturally like any good mother I decided it was time to limit their iPad usage, again! This was working well after a few days of tantrums, but then the tone changed. The kids were noticing that even though they were unable to use the iPad all the time, that mum and dad were still using their phones just as much whenever they wanted. This caused me to take a moment and reflect.

Technology has become such an important part of our everyday lives, but sometimes I think it has become a bit to much! This has caused me to ask myself  I reach for my phone, is it necessary, is it good, or is it just a bad habit? This is an area that I am working on as I know I often let time escape while I am flicking through Facebook, Instagram or playing games. I am trying to be more purposeful with my time and ensure that my kids don’t see me spending countless hours on my phone while denying them iPad access. I don’t want them to grow up seeing me do one thing yet expecting a different thing from them.

So do you have any bad habits that you are working on?