Finding my fulfillment begins with finding my flow!

To find my fulfillment I have to find my flow!

I can’t fulfill my calling if I stay forever tucked away in my comfort zone.

In order for me to find my flow I need to know how to sow. How to sow into other peoples lives and callings, how to sow into peoples needs. Sowing doesn’t just mean offering money, unless that is what you feel led to do, but sowing can be from my time, talents and resources. If I am conscious of building other people up and encouraging them to find their fulfillment then I will be able to focus on finding my fulfillment.

I cannot increase my capacity without confrontation. 

Confrontation can come from many areas of life, it isn’t always a bad thing and certainly not always negative. If I am trying to find my fulfillment it will require pushing boundaries, stepping out of the predefined normal and moving into the unknown. This can be a time of stretching and resistance, as it will often stretch us personally but it may also stretch our relationships with those around us as they see us start to move in a different direction.

God wants to challenge my capacity.

God wants me to be willing to grow, willing to be stretched, to live outside my comfort zone of a normal life. In order to live outside what I feel my capacity is I need to surrender totally to God any dreams, ambitions and goals I may have for Him to truly have an open heart to work with, to mold and grow.

No room…

There is no room in my life for excuses, for complaining, for regretting things I haven’t done or things I may have done, there is no room for complacency.

There is only room for love, for dreaming, for having hope and to find my flow.

In order to do this I need to dig out what God has already given me, I need to focus on the dreams He has placed in my heart, to believe that I am capable of the dreams He has given me. To believe in Him, to believe that if He has given me these dreams then I need to pursue them relentlessly without ceasing!

I need to…

I need to be grateful for where I am, for the season I am in, for the season I may have just experienced. I need to be grateful for the blessings I have already received and for the hard times I may have endured but have come through by God’ graces!

I need to guard my heart, I need to ensure that I am careful and not complacent, that I watch what I allow to enter into my heart as whatever I allow in will flow out.

Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life. Psalms 4:23