A life worth living…

On the weekend we celebrated our baby girls 1st Birthday! We went all out to celebrate Miss I turning one and making it to that all important milestone of surviving the first year! 
Everything was perfect and I think everyone enjoyed themselves!!
But once it was all over it gave me time to stop and reflect…Something I love to do! 
Why do we often only celebrate the big things in life? Like birthdays, weddings, babies…
So often I find that I sweat the small stuff, I let stress get the better of me in situations where I shouldn’t. But yet I don’t stop to celebrate the small things. I forget to be grateful for all the little things. 
God promises that all our tomorrow’s are taken care of and that He has today all mapped out so why do I find it so easy to get wound up over the little things, yet I don’t show the same level of emotion for all the things I should be grateful for!