God is Good…

Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples! 1 Chronicles 16:24 (ESV)

God is good. I was trying to think of a catchy title for this post, but I came up with nothing! But really does God need a catchy title – no I don’t think so!

GOD IS GOOD! I could end my post there as that is a complete statement with no further explanation necessary! But I wont so lets dive a little deeper into the goodness that is our God.

God is amazingly good. In all that we do, he is always there right beside us guiding us. Let us pause for a moment and really think about that. In all that we do God is right beside us guiding our every move and thought!

Often His goodness is easily overlooked as we continue with the busyness of our days. I find this so true for myself. I can often get to the end of the day and see where God’s hand has been in my day but realise that I haven’t stopped to thank him for his never ending goodness, for guiding my every action.

God loves us so very much and desires for us to share his goodness with the world around us in all that we do. How often do we watch in awe those who are able to share God’s good Gospel with those around them so easily and think to ourselves I could never do that. That is me to a tee. Don’t get me wrong I love the Lord with my whole heart, but the thought of sharing his love with others has me in a deep freeze. I get all caught up in myself consciousness and forget that God is with me, that if it is his will for me to share his love story then he will guide me and place his words in my mouth.

How marvelous are his works. He created not only you and me, but all that we can see and even the things we cannot see. How incredible is it that the God of our universe created all we can and can’t see and yet he still has time for you and me on a deep and personal level!

It only takes a moment to look around and find something God created to be grateful for and to marvel at. I only need to look out my window today and see God’s love radiating out on me in the beautiful sunshine and blue sky.

I know I want God’s goodness to radiate out of me more and more.

God help us to become a beacon of your unfailing goodness.

God help us to radiate your love story to all we encounter.