February the month of LOVE…

February the month of love, where if you are lucky enough cupid will point his arrow of love at you and you will be spoiled and celebrated…

Okay so I totally don’t believe in cupid or the magic of Valentines Day which is celebrated on February 14 in Australia. While it is a lovely day to remember to shower a loved one with gifts. It is a very comercialised day as well where companies are trying to make higher revenues. Which can often lead to a fake display of love and not true love.

But it got me thinking. We often put lots of thought and effort into temporary things, things that we can’t take with us when we pass from this world. We can often get caught up in trying to out give our other half. Or make sure our instagram pictures make our presents look ten times more amazing! While there is nothing wrong with that if you have a love for taking photos and creating memories.¬†Love doesn’t have to be big extravagant gifts, it can be a simple phone call or a message, or a lovely card, a hand picked flower, it can even be some extra help around the house, and even more importantly spending some quality time with no distractions!

How much time do we put into our first love, our love for our Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit? Do we put as much effort into showering him with love and gifts? Or do we often neglect this relationship for the physical one that we can touch and interact with on a human level?

This month I want to focus on love, not just any love but God’s perfect love! His love that casts out all fear, that knows no wrong, that is far greater than any earthly possession.

God’s love is divine, it is immaterial. It is everything we could ever need and want. So this month when you are thinking of showering a loved one with oodles of love. Take more than just a moment to shower the one who created you to love with an abundance of love! Your Heavenly Father wants nothing more than for you to experience His great love so that you can then impart His great love on your life into the lives of those near and dear to you.

This month I will be focusing on the theme of love. More specifically on God’s love.

Blessings to you x

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