Love in the unexpected…

It was my birthday on Friday, I had a lovely day receiving gifts and being loved. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. I got to spend it with both friends and family. A great day had by all!

Then we were on our way home from dinner, when we were involved in a near miss car accident. Everyone was unharmed and the car was fine, well except for me. I was looking down at the time and my neck was jarred with the sudden breaking, it could have been a lot worse! But thankfully I only have some minor whip lash that will heal!

The point of this post is not to talk about how God saved us from the accident even though I know without a doubt his hand was upon us. It is to talk about how my Husband stepped up to show me love. I spent all day Saturday in bed and with three little children running around that is no easy task. Usually when I am unwell I will still get up and help a bit, but I really was in quite a bit of pain so I needed to support and rest my neck.

My husband managed the kids, some house chores and prepared meals. He showed me love by doing the things I normally would do and while they were not exactly done the way I would do them. I had to stop and realise that even though they were not done the exact way I would do them they were still done. Sometimes we have to let go of our crazy high expectations and let God take care of us. Sometimes God’s ways will not be the way we would do things, but are we likely to question God on his methods? No, I feel we would be more inclined to accept God’s ways and find the blessing in trusting Him to provide.

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in the day to day tasks that I think we forget the bigger picture.  I think we forget to take the time to stop and focus on our First Love ~ The Love of Our Lord Jesus and Heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit is always with us guiding us, prompting us, reminding us. We are always loved.

So I want to thank my Husband for showing me God’s love in a situation where I would normally want to take control and do it all myself but for the benefit of myself and my family I needed to stop and allow him to take care of me and the family. I can testify that the house is still standing and my husband possibly has a greater appreciation for all that I do day to day!

Blessing to you x