Honouring those we love..

February is a month of love and birthdays…in my family not on is there Valentine’s Day but also both my parents birthdays are in February! So it is a month of celebration for us! 

This made me stop and reflect…how often do we spend time honouring those we hold most near and dear to our hearts? Do we only remember to celebrate them on special occasions or do we seek to honour them on a continual basis? 

I know I am often guilty of letting time slip by without taking the time to intentionally honour those I love! 

So this year I decided to honour my Mother by taking her away with my sister so she could have some time with just her daughters as life at home can be very hectic as we both have young family’s that demand lots of attention. I’m not saying that you have to take someone away to honour them and it’s not something I could do for every birthday! 

But I will say, time is short, so very short! We need to be intentional in all that we do otherwise days turn into weeks and into years! Sometimes we just have to book things in and make them happen! 

How do you find little ways to honour those you love?