Do you own your calling?

Do you own your calling?

Your calling is yours to own! It doesn’t belong to anyone else. God planted the desires in your heart that make up the pieces of your calling, your dreams, your life goals. I believe that unless we choose to own our callings and take control of them we will not succeed in them. Our callings are given to us by God, he chose you for a purpose and a destiny, only you know exactly what that is. He planted those seeds in your mind and in your heart, the longing that you can’t seem to shake.

Do you under value your calling?

Do you value your God given calling or do you struggle with undervaluing it? Do you see the importance of your calling? Do you feel that your callings is less important than someone else? Do you struggle to stand firm in your calling even if it may seem crazy or impossible to those around you? In order for us to value our callings and fulfill our purpose we have to be willing to value our calling. To put the desires of our heart in a place of importance. It has to have our focus and not just the limited attention we may have left at the end of the day but our early morning focus. To value our God given callings we need to value the fact that God has given them to us.

Do you put the callings of those around you above your own?

While I believe that it is important to help others to nurture their callings and dreams, we cannot do so at the expense of our own. We are all here on this earth with unique callings to fulfill. We all have different personalities and characteristics that make us special. We are called I believe to work with those around us, but I also believe that God requires us to put a priority on the calling that he has given us. Sometimes it may take extreme sacrifices and require us to make choices that don’t look like they make sense and that is okay. As long as our trust is in God and we are following his will for our lives then we are following the right path.

Do you have unfulfilled dreams? Do you have unrealised potential?

If you are still breathing then I believe there are always unfulfilled dreams. God created us to dream to be inspired to want to do things. If we are still here on earth then we still have dreams to accomplish. If we still have dreams to accomplish then we still have potential to fulfill. We still have more that we can do and become. We may not see all our dreams come true, we have to be careful not to confuse childhood fantasy with real God given dreams. I do believe those that God inspires us with both dreams and childhood fantasy to give us the desire to see our dreams be fulfilled.

Are you drifting through your days?

Are you at the point where you are wondering why bother…none of my dreams seem to come true. I have tried and tried and all I seem to do is come up short. I don’t have anything left to give to a dream. I believe this is a very hard place to be, as you start to drift through life watching the people around you seemingly easily achieve all their goals and go on to make bigger goals.This can be very damaging to watch as it may feel like we are not good enough to see our dreams become reality. I believe that God wants to see our dreams be fulfilled and he wants to help us do so, but I still believe that he requires us to walk in obedience and with faith. We have to be willing to put the hard work into our dreams. We have to we willing to pray without ceasing. To get up when we fall down. To have a never let go attitude. We have to believe in God, in the dreams he has given us and then to believe in the person he created us to be to fulfill our dreams and purpose.

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.  Philippians 1:6

Blessings to you xx