Do what matters! 

How do you manage to do what matters most to you when life pulls you in so many different directions on a daily basis? 

It is so easy to get caught up in doing the good things, even the required things that we don’t make time to do the really important things.

Those important things are the ones that make us get up in the morning filled with energy and passion. They are the ideas that can keep us up at night wondering how we will manage to do it all. 

While there is nothing wrong with doing the things we need to do on a daily basis, however if they are so all consuming that we don’t have time to pursue our goals then something has to give. 

Often it is our goals that seem unattainable in our current circumstances that we are first to let go of as they may not be currently generating any income or our ideas may not be gaining any traction. 

So we let them slip off our radar for just a moment to focus on the many important things that grab our attention on a daily basis and before long we realise it has been months since we last put any time and effort into our goals. We feel even more deflated, like they are never going to amount to anything. Which is true, if we don’t keep them at the centre of our attention then they will get put aside and never amount to anything. 

We need to daily be pursing our goals, our life long calling and vision. We are the only ones who can make it happen. We are the only ones who will look back and wonder ‘what if’. 

So today, take even just 15 minutes to spend time on that goal or dream that seems to constantly in your mind. Who knows it may lead you somewhere. 

You matter and so do your dreams! 

Blessings to you x