Do you dream?

Broken promises, broken dreams – what do they really mean?

How to do we sort through our emotions in times of need? When everything feels broken and nothing feels like it is moving forward. We feel lost or trapped. We feel like nobody cares or even understands where we are at. We feel helpless. Sometimes we are stuck in those seasons for a relatively short amount of time and at other times we feel like our whole lives are made up of that one season continually on repeat.

The famous movie quote from Forrest Gump “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”, can often speak volumes to our lives as we are never completely sure what direction life will take. We can plan and organise and plan some more. But when it all boils down, life will either go the way we have planned or throw a few curve balls our way.

The power of the curve ball…

Let’s face it, if we are truly focused on planning our lives and being well organised and faithful in seeking God for our needs and desires, then a curve ball is not a completely unexpected experience. God’s plans are always better than our plans. Sometimes I believe God allows the unexpected to come our way – sometimes we have an inclining, sometimes we have been given a small insight into what is coming, other times it can to completely seem to come from left field.

The beauty of this is that it always keeps us on our toes, always focused towards God and what he is doing in our lives. Focused on seeing Him and His power displayed in everyday interactions. The curve ball can keep us grounded but it can also give us an opportunity to dream.

When dreams meet reality…

It is an awe inspiring moment when our dreams become reality, when something we have been working so hard on, praying relentlessly for, finally is in front of us. Life with God is full of awe inspiring moments. God desires for us to be dreamers and to see lives changed. God wants us to walk in our full potential all the time.

Some of us may have lost our ability to dream, or to believe that our dreams really can become reality. Circumstances in our lives may make us think that we are unable to do the things we want, that we have the potential to do great things. God wants to inspire you, to change you, to give you a fresh outpouring of his love – all we have to do is seek Him first!

Father, I thank you that you love us unconditionally. I thank you that you want to see lives changed, that you want to see us live in our full potential and purpose. I thank you that you give us dreams and not only just give us dreams but give us the ability to see our dreams become reality – Amen.