~ January 1st 2017 ~

There is something inspiring about the first day of the new year. Leading up to it there is the hustle and bustle of trying to finish off the years goals or as many of them as we can before we drag them half done in the new year. The strange thing is other than fireworks at midnight and having to remember to write a new calendar year there is nothing all that amazing about the start of a new year. Yet it is something we crave, well something I crave. I love spending December finishing of tasks and planning ahead for the new year. I don’t like to think of it as New Years Resolutions as I don’t think many of them last and often they are made on a whim close to midnight. I am however a believer in writing strategic goals for the new year and breaking them down into manageable tasks. When I look at the goals I have created for the year they seem somewhat impossible and rather big and daunting, but when I break them down into manageable tasks such as weekly or daily tasks that will help me work towards the big goal they don’t seem as bad.

 Why do we crave the newness of a new year, of a fresh start. Why are we more determined to focus on our goals and dreams at the beginning of the year yet we seem to slowly slip as the year goes on. Does something magical happen between Christmas and New Years, some sort of secret re-set button seems to get pushed as no matter how crazy the year has just been or how emotional or physically draining it has been we seem to find some comfort in starting a new year.

 You only have to take a look on any of the social media platforms to see lots of posts on the best and worst things of the year, highlights of the year just been, and plenty of posts on how to make the new year your best year yet. All the goal setting and dream making blogs seem to be featured, everywhere you look someone is sharing their secrets for making this next year the best year yet.

 While these are all good, they can be overwhelming. We can spend to much time researching the best way to start the new year, the best strategies and plans for actually accomplishing our goals. We can spend lots of money buying this person or that persons proven secrets on how to achieve big and then do it again bigger. And while their is nothing at all wrong with spending money on self-improvement courses. I feel we need to do it with caution. We need to research which one is best for us and then dive completely into it, without looking around for more or different ones until we have given the one we have chosen a real go.

 In just the last couple of days I have come across at least three or four goal setting blogs/workshops, some free and some paid. I originally fell into the trap of signing up to a few of the free ones and getting all excited, then the emails started and I started to feel overwhelmed with all the choices, so taking my own advice I have chosen to focus on only one of them. This one is the best choice for me for now. It is only a short week long one, but it will hopefully help me to craft some habits that will continue throughout the year and beyond.

 I hope that you have had some time to unwind and reset the refresh button. I hope that you have been able to plan for the year ahead. Don’t forget to take some time to Dream, Wish and Inspire.

 Amy x