My Child…

My child, my dear sweet child. I know your fears; I know what makes you worry, what keeps you up at night. I understand all that you think. I know your thoughts. I know what you will do and what you will say. I have planned it all. I fear not that you think you are unimportant for I know that you are important, I created you. I formed you inside and out. I know what you are capable and who you are meant to be. Why do you spend so much time focused on if you are good enough, if what you have to say is important enough, if anyone will actually take the time to read it or hear it…Lean on me, dig deeper into me. Focus on me. I can withstand it all. I am strong enough.

You need not worry about tomorrow, for I have it all taken care of. Focus on today as it is a gift given to you, never to be repeated.

Speak Lord for your daughter is listening….

Why do you allow the voices of others to crowd out my voice? Why do you strive to win their attention? Why do you focus on the here and now…I have so much more for you stored up in Heaven and on this earth, your calling is just beginning. But I need to know I have your attention, I need to know that I have your focus. I need to know that you are willing as your calling is not something to be taken lightly. It has heavenly significance and purpose.

Stop overthinking it…Allow my words to flow freely out of you…Give me your hands and your feet that I may do my work through you.

I am ready Lord…Use me…

My grace abounds and my mercy endures. Why do you hold back dear child. Why do you shy away? I have called you to shine and sparkle not to wilt and wither.

Where is your focus? Is it on the important things in life, or is it so consumed by fear of the unknown and what ifs, that you don’t have any energy left to put into anything worthwhile? Now I’m not saying that the everyday and often mundane tasks are unimportant. I think they are what make the world go round, we all have lots to do and there are lots of tasks that will always require daily attention. But do we often let them consume us to the point that we have nothing else left to give?

Do we fear being called to do something more than the everyday simple tasks? Do we look at our already overcommitted lives and wonder how on earth we could possibly fit anything else in? What if we stopped trying to fit our callings in so to speak and actually started putting our callings a bit higher up on our to-do list, or even made them a priority instead of an “if I get time I would love to…”.

How would we see the world change? What would we be inspired to do differently?