Beginners are many. Finishers are few.

 “Start strong, stay strong, and finish strong by always remembering why you’re doing it in the first place.” – Ralph Marston

Beginners are many. Finishers are few.

I have strong ambitions to create many a masterpiece, yet my actions do not always seem to match up. I have started many projects, as of now I have four book ideas floating around with rough outlines written. I seem to write an outline or a few thousand words and then move onto the next topic of my mind. Not this year. This year I am determined to see my actions match my ambition. This year I will become a finisher – not of everything I have started but I am vowing to at least finish one thing I have started before I move on to another.

So how do we change our mindset to become finishers’ not just starters?

Firstly we have to write down all that we want to achieve this year, and then break it down into achievable tasks. There is no point trying to do it all at once. We often fall into the trap of starting a new year with a million things we want to achieve and they can all be relatively small and easy but if we try to start too many things at once we will end up doing none of them and failing miserably.

The only way to succeed with our goals is to start small to create momentum. Start with the small and simple things first, once you have formed a habit and it becomes second nature it is time to start the next thing and continue to build momentum. I find creating charts that you can visibly see your progress can be quite helpful.

I have an excel spreadsheet that has all my goals for the year written down and broken down into monthly and daily goals so that I can work on them little by little. Not every goal will require a daily action but most require at least weekly actions to move forward in them.

When it comes to gaining momentum and getting things finished it is best to focus on each day as they come, if you miss a day don’t try to catch up, just move on to the next day. For example if you have a writing goal or a reading goal and you miss a couple of days it can become quite daunting to try and catch up on those missed days plus the day you are meant to be working on. Give yourself some grace and keep moving forward, keep the momentum going.

Consistency is key. Once we start something we need to see it through. You have to prioritise finishing the things you start. It is not easy to always finish the things we start. Especially when the task is something new or daunting or it pushes us out of our comfort zone. However the rewarding feeling of finishing as seeing a task completed is always a rewarding feeling. It gives us the motivation and momentum to tackle the next and possibly bigger task.

What tasks or projects are you committing to starting and finishing this year? I would love to hear your goals in the comments below.

Find your momentum and finish strong.

Amy x