A sense of urgency….

Sometimes we need a sense of urgency to get things done. I find I can easily spend my days wandering from one task to the next and it’s not until it’s almost school pick up time that I realise I have half done quite a few things but not actually finished much. I need a sense of urgency in my life to get me to do things; I need a deadline, something that I have to stick to.

I have always been the type of person who leaves completing tasks until the last minute, essays and exam preparation have always been a hurried work, I am the same when it comes to filling out forms or anything of importance it always sits untouched until it is due. However I am determined not to instil these habits in my children. I am trying to be better at doing things when I receive them so as I can show my kids a more calm and relaxed way to live as leaving things till the last minute produces unwanted stress. Yes I do think that urgency with some tasks is necessary, sometimes is the urgent feeling that produces our best work, somethings need a set deadline, but if we spent more time actually working on things bit by bit we would notice after a while that it all adds up.

When we are only able to focus on the urgent things, the things that need doing out of necessity I believe our creativity dies. I think we are all creative people in need of a creative outlet, now I can hear you say, ‘creative? I’m not creative!’ And I totally get it, I can’t paint or draw or take photos, but I don’t think creativity has to be what we traditionally define it as. You may like to cook and try new foods, you may like to try new experiences, you might like to live a little out of the box and dress differently to the norm. These are all creative outlets and there are so many more!

So how do we define our days differently to ensure that we use our sense of urgency to best fulfil our dreams. For me I find I need to write a daily to-do list and it has to be quite a basic one, I put the simple things on my to-do list, like making dinner, doing some washing, and a few other household tasks, but I also and I write these first at the top of my page, the things I want to achieve that continue to move me towards my goals, so for me they are my daily reading at least a chapter of a book, it can be any book but I think it’s important to take thirty minutes or so to read each and every day, and then I have my writing, I aim to write every day, I used to put a number to it but I think that makes me feel that some days I over achieve and other days I under achieve, so for now it is a win in my books if I at least write a few words.

I think when we are trying to do things for ourselves, things that in the beginning or even in the long run don’t always contribute to our lives financially it is easy to put them aside until a better time. It can be hard to carve out time from the norm to actually put some energy into those tasks that we long to do yet don’t give enough importance to.

What if those tasks that seem to fall by the wayside are the ones that would change our lives forever? Of course there are no guarantees but wouldn’t you rather finish your race knowing you tried rather than with a feeling of regret for the things never done? What will you do differently to ensure that your sense of urgency doesn’t overwhelm and cause you to stop before you even start?

Blessings Amy x

2 thoughts on “A sense of urgency….

  1. liveandlovetheadventure says:

    Hi Amy, I can totally relate to you here. If something doesn’t ‘need to be done I can very easily put it off. The thing that keeps me getting tasks done is the anxiety that I may get if I haven’t achieved anything. To do lists help me a lot too! Especially with writing 🙂

    • Amy says:

      So glad to hear I am not alone. I love writing to do lists, I need to get better at making the things I really want to do a non negotiable as I still manage to not get everything on my to do list done.

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