If today were my last….

What defines me? What do I align myself with? What causes my spirit to leap with joy? Do I allow my circumstances to define me? We all have choice, we all have free-will. We are given numerous opportunities to decide to do one thing or another daily.

I can choose to sit and stare off into space until motivation or inspiration hits me…I am likely to be sitting there for a very very long time! I can choose to let past actions define my present emotions or I can choose not to…The choice is mine and mine only.

I can choose to act upon an opportunity the moment it comes knocking or I can choose to think about it for just a bit too long and realise that the opportunity has passed. We are only given a limited time on earth. We have numbered days. Today will never come knocking again.

I love this quote by the late Steve Jobs “If today were my last day, would I do what I’m doing?…If the answer was ‘No’ too many days in a row, I’d make a change.” Do we spend our days with such purpose and passion? Every day or do we allow the almost Groundhog Day feeling to creep up on us to the point where we feel it is just ‘another day, another dollar’?

I love to read productivity blogs and stories. Stories of those who have been at rock bottom and then climbed the ladder above and beyond expectation are awe inspiring. But do I believe it for myself? Do I truly believe that I to could be one of those success stories? I would love to say yes, I should be saying yes, yet I let fear get in my way. Fear of the unknown. Why do we fear what we don’t yet know? What is the point in being afraid of things that have not yet happened?

What if I told myself I was going to wake up tomorrow with a sense of urgency and importance, what if I took the time to evaluate where I am in life and where I want to be? What would the results be? Would I see that I am slowly creeping closer to my goals and dreams, or would they look just as far away if not further than they did yesterday?

We could spend the rest of our days researching how other people have become great, how they have reached their level success, what works and doesn’t work for them. Sometimes it is good and even helpful to follow the lives of those who have gone ahead of us. However, when we focus to much on what they have done or how they have done it and forget to act for ourselves we become trapped and our dreams seem just that bit more unattainable.

So, I challenge you (and myself) to wake up with a sense of purpose tomorrow, don’t let the sun go down without having spent some time dreaming for your lives and then deciding to put your dreams in motion. A dream without a purpose is just a dream. We have been created to see our dreams fulfilled.

Dream Big, Live Big

Amy x