The power of switching OFF…

We all need to switch off at times. Most of the time when we think of power we think of turning something on, creating something that will make things work faster or more efficient. But what if I told you there was power in switching off? I know it’s hard to believe it is true.

When we take the time to unplug from the busyness of life we can truly reflect on where we are at in life. When we are constantly on the go, burning the midnight oil we are so busy and our minds are so full that they are overflowing with the next thing we need to do or the things we should have done by now.

It is so easy to write about the importance of switching off. Not so easy to do it. I am such an easily distracted person. I flit from one activity or thought to another constantly, and most of the time not achieving the desired result on any of the things I am attempting to achieve.

The other morning, I got up earlier than usual, it was dark so it was early, everyone else in the house was still sleeping in their warm beds, but I pushed through the feelings of wanting to stay in bed just that bit longer and decided to try something. So, I got up, set up my laptop, made myself a cup of tea and sat at my computer, I didn’t check emails, I didn’t check social media, I just sat for myself and wrote. It was the most inspirational and productive writing session I have had in a long time.

Now you might be thinking that is awesome for you but I’m not a writer and that is perfectly fine. The reason for my illustration was that I chose to switch off from outside influences and just focus on what I was thinking and feeling in the moment without any other noise or distractions. Now getting up earlier may not be an option for you. But I would be interested to hear your thoughts on taking a few minutes each day to simply be still without distraction, with a notebook and pen or computer to take note of any thoughts that come to mind. This is not an exercise on writing but just being still and letting your mind take a breather and catch up. Our minds need time to process, just like all our technology only has a limited supply of power before it needs recharging our minds need to be recharged.

I would love to hear if taking some time to power down your minds and let yourself daydream has an improvement on your mental health or clarity. I know for me I am going to be more purposeful in taking the time to use the power of switching off in my life more regularly and hopefully find a way to show my loved ones how to do the same.

Please share with me your experience or thoughts as I would love to hear from you and if this article has been of interest please feel free to share it with your loved ones.

Blessings Amy x

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