Your Story Matters…

Your story won't write itself How often do we sit around waiting for the magic to happen. We dream of becoming this or doing that. We desire deep down in our hearts to conquer the world yet we sit frozen in time waiting for it to all come together. Waiting, hoping and praying for the [...]

Finding hope in a lost world…

Sometimes despair is all we have to hold onto. Sometimes life looks so bleak that we have no idea how to raise our heads from our pillows and begin a new day. Hope brings us joy, it gives us a reason to keep on going. It can be so easy to tell someone who is in [...]

If today were my last….

What defines me? What do I align myself with? What causes my spirit to leap with joy? Do I allow my circumstances to define me? We all have choice, we all have free-will. We are given numerous opportunities to decide to do one thing or another daily. I can choose to sit and stare off [...]

In the quiet whispers greatness is born…

“What I tell you in the dark, say in the light, and what you hear whispered, proclaim on the housetops.” Matthew 10:27 ESV Inspire me Lord, I need another article to write. I am out of scheduled articles. Help me Father…Speak to me…give me something to write… Write from your heart my dear child. Your [...]

A life outside the box.

“The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique."                    – Walt Disney A life outside the box. We tend to put ourselves in boxes. I know I do. I box myself into the things I should be doing and the [...]

A sense of urgency….

Sometimes we need a sense of urgency to get things done. I find I can easily spend my days wandering from one task to the next and it’s not until it’s almost school pick up time that I realise I have half done quite a few things but not actually finished much. I need a [...]

Value the voice…

“If you don’t even think you can be successful in your ideal world, what makes you think you could be successful in the real world” – DreamWishInspire Value the voice. Do we take value in the voices that appear in our heads? Why should we value the voices that often second guess our decisions? Why [...]

Share your story…

“Our Sense of worthiness – that critical piece that gives us access to love and belonging – lives inside our story.” – Brenè Brown Everyone has a story inside them. A quick google search brings up multiple pages of results saying that everyone has a book worth of information and experiences within them. Most people [...]

Beginners are many. Finishers are few.

 “Start strong, stay strong, and finish strong by always remembering why you’re doing it in the first place.” – Ralph Marston Beginners are many. Finishers are few. I have strong ambitions to create many a masterpiece, yet my actions do not always seem to match up. I have started many projects, as of now I [...]

My Child…

My child, my dear sweet child. I know your fears; I know what makes you worry, what keeps you up at night. I understand all that you think. I know your thoughts. I know what you will do and what you will say. I have planned it all. I fear not that you think you [...]