~ January 1st 2017 ~

There is something inspiring about the first day of the new year. Leading up to it there is the hustle and bustle of trying to finish off the years goals or as many of them as we can before we drag them half done in the new year. The strange thing is other than fireworks [...]

Let the dream take hold…

"The only thing worse than starting something and failing... is not starting something." -- Seth Godin. I dream of being a full time writer. I dream of spending my days in quaint coffee shops, in boutique hotels and by the seaside, just me and my pen. Writing. Right now the quiet and tranquil of that dream [...]

God’s Righteousness in Everyday Life…

How do we live out God’s righteousness in our everyday lives? Romans is packed with wise counsel that we can glean from in everyday life in order to form a habit that is edifying to the Lord. Reading and taking note of this therefore causes us to live the abundant life God has created us [...]

Abundance of God…

I used to believe that receiving God’s abundance meant being prosperous on earth, social status and having material possessions. I for many years was the type of person who would say to God, when or if I have lots then I will be able to do so much for Your Kingdom. Little did I realise [...]

Do you dream?

Broken promises, broken dreams – what do they really mean? How to do we sort through our emotions in times of need? When everything feels broken and nothing feels like it is moving forward. We feel lost or trapped. We feel like nobody cares or even understands where we are at. We feel helpless. Sometimes [...]

Do what matters! 

How do you manage to do what matters most to you when life pulls you in so many different directions on a daily basis?  It is so easy to get caught up in doing the good things, even the required things that we don't make time to do the really important things. Those important things [...]

Do you own your calling?

Do you own your calling? Your calling is yours to own! It doesn't belong to anyone else. God planted the desires in your heart that make up the pieces of your calling, your dreams, your life goals. I believe that unless we choose to own our callings and take control of them we will not [...]

Living in the moment…

How gracious are you? Are you grateful for all the wonderful things in your life? Or are you constantly searching for more? When is enough enough? How do we know when we are fulfilled? So many questions, so few answers... What does it look like to live a life full of grace, completely grateful for [...]

Spirit of Excellence..

What is a spirit of excellence? How do we define it? Is my definition of a 'spirit of excellence' going to be the same as yours? We are all wired differently. We do, see and feel things differently. We are not created to be the same or to think the same. This is a good [...]

The way a child loves her mother…

Finding joy in the small things! The above is a picture of my beautifully painted nails! Well to my four year old Miss E they are beautiful! My first response when she asked to paint my nails was 'oh really do you have to, can't you brush my hair or something else less messy'. Of [...]