The power of switching OFF…

We all need to switch off at times. Most of the time when we think of power we think of turning something on, creating something that will make things work faster or more efficient. But what if I told you there was power in switching off? I know it’s hard to believe it is true. [...]

How to stay focused and achieve your goals…

A little bit over a week into the New Year and I have lost my flow. I started this year with a bang, I had all my goals mapped out and broken down into weekly tasks. Yet this week I feel like I have fallen completely apart. I have lost all of my flow. All [...]

Beginners are many. Finishers are few.

 “Start strong, stay strong, and finish strong by always remembering why you’re doing it in the first place.” – Ralph Marston Beginners are many. Finishers are few. I have strong ambitions to create many a masterpiece, yet my actions do not always seem to match up. I have started many projects, as of now I [...]

Happiness is a gift…

Happiness is a gift given freely to each and everyone. We all have the same abilities to be happy. We are all capable of smiling and seeing the positives in our daily lives. When we wake up of a morning we have the choice to open our eyes and think of the positive reasons to [...]

Do you own your calling?

Do you own your calling? Your calling is yours to own! It doesn't belong to anyone else. God planted the desires in your heart that make up the pieces of your calling, your dreams, your life goals. I believe that unless we choose to own our callings and take control of them we will not [...]

How do you Bible study? 

At the beginning of the month I had a friend recommend and online Bible study to me. So I thought why not I will give it a go. What have I got to lose? So I started the "Eat.Pray.Hustle" Bible study by Havilah Cunnington. It was an awesome and inspiring way to start the year [...]

Can I have your iPad? 

"Can I have your iPad mum? Is a question I hear almost every morning without fail from my son. Now my daughter is waking up saying "iPad, please?" While there is nothing wrong with using an iPad and there are lots of educational apps available. For me and my family it has become a bit [...]

Seeing the value in what we do…

How do you define the value in what appears to be the small things in life? The day to day tasks that don’t seem to feel like they are taking you anywhere or have any real long term significance? I mean really, how much value does washing clothes, vacuuming floors and making beds really have? [...]