Do you dream?

Broken promises, broken dreams – what do they really mean? How to do we sort through our emotions in times of need? When everything feels broken and nothing feels like it is moving forward. We feel lost or trapped. We feel like nobody cares or even understands where we are at. We feel helpless. Sometimes [...]

I am worth it…

I AM WORTH IT....These four little words seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment, in the books and blogs that I have been reading and even in some of the sermons I have been listening to. They may be four small words but they pack a powerful punch. I AM WORTH IT....I am [...]


Why do we often spend our days caught up in other people's lives, be it Facebook, Instagram, twitter, pinterest or the like. What makes everyone else's life seem so exciting and so much more interesting than our own. Daydreaming isn't a bad thing, taking time out can actually be refreshing and inspiring, but when we [...]