Let the dream take hold…

"The only thing worse than starting something and failing... is not starting something." -- Seth Godin. I dream of being a full time writer. I dream of spending my days in quaint coffee shops, in boutique hotels and by the seaside, just me and my pen. Writing. Right now the quiet and tranquil of that dream [...]

Do you dream?

Broken promises, broken dreams – what do they really mean? How to do we sort through our emotions in times of need? When everything feels broken and nothing feels like it is moving forward. We feel lost or trapped. We feel like nobody cares or even understands where we are at. We feel helpless. Sometimes [...]

Do you own your calling?

Do you own your calling? Your calling is yours to own! It doesn't belong to anyone else. God planted the desires in your heart that make up the pieces of your calling, your dreams, your life goals. I believe that unless we choose to own our callings and take control of them we will not [...]

Living in the moment…

How gracious are you? Are you grateful for all the wonderful things in your life? Or are you constantly searching for more? When is enough enough? How do we know when we are fulfilled? So many questions, so few answers... What does it look like to live a life full of grace, completely grateful for [...]

With increase in capacity comes increase in challenges!

I don't know about you, but I don't always love the feeling of being challenged! Sometimes it downright hurts. We all face challenges on a daily basis, some are easier than others. Some are life changing challenges that require lots of hard work and dedication to see us through! Those are the challenges that increase [...]

Live to glorify God…

Does the thought of living a life that is glorifying to God, fill you with so much joy and excitement that you are overflowing and about to burst with happiness? Or does it fill you with so much fear and trembling that you are too afraid to continue? Colossians 3:16-17 Let the word of Christ [...]

The next best thing….

The next best thing to winning the lotto...Is hard work, determination and perseverance!  I know it sounds completely silly and almost crazy to compare winning the lotto with hard work, determination and perseverance. But think about it, what chance do you have of winning the lotto, if you never enter the lotto then well you [...]


Why do we often spend our days caught up in other people's lives, be it Facebook, Instagram, twitter, pinterest or the like. What makes everyone else's life seem so exciting and so much more interesting than our own. Daydreaming isn't a bad thing, taking time out can actually be refreshing and inspiring, but when we [...]

The best of you…

Who gets the best of you? Who gets the best of your time, talents and emotions? Do you have to make time for your needs, dreams, passions and life goals? Do you spend your days focusing on everyone else’s needs and wants that by the time you get to yours you are so depleted of [...]